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Category: Accounting

Bringing People, Numbers, and Technology Together

bizBLISS business team reviewing accurate financial data

The Significance of Accurate Financial Data

In the world of business, accurate financial data is the lifeblood that keeps the organization running smoothly. It is the cornerstone upon which businesses of all sizes build their strategies, make informed decisions, and plan for the future. It provides a clear, unambiguous picture of a company’s financial health, offering insights into its profitability, liquidity,…
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woman stressed out at a desk with too much work on her desk

Balancing Business Success and Personal Well-being

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for everyone, but it becomes even more important for business owners. Running a business can be demanding and time-consuming, often blurring the lines between work and personal life. However, neglecting one’s personal life can have detrimental effects on both mental and physical health, as well as overall business…
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Why Hiring a Bookkeeper is Essential for Your Business’ Financial Success

Running a business involves various tasks, and one of the most crucial aspects is managing finances. From tracking expenses to ensuring accurate bookkeeping, it can be overwhelming for business owners to handle everything on their own. This is where hiring a bookkeeper becomes essential. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why hiring…
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Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Bookkeeper

In order to get the most value from your bookkeeper, it is important to establish clear expectations and communication. By effectively utilizing their skills and expertise, you can optimize your financial management and make informed business decisions. This outline will provide a guide on how to get the most value from your bookkeeper. Establishing Clear…
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Accounnting and Bookkeeping

What is the Difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping?

While there are many similarities with accounting and bookkeeping, we wanted to take a moment to help explain the difference between accounting and bookkeeping. The primary difference is that bookkeeping is the preparation and organization of financial records, and accounting is the process of analysis and preparing guidance based on financial information. In relation to…
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Focus on what matters

Developing Accounting Best Practices

Developing best practices for your business is key to improving your business performance. We think that there are some simple steps that will get you on track for taking your business to the next level. In this article, we will discuss six steps to improve your business. One thing that business owners and entrepreneurs have…
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QuickBooks Online Expense Claims

How To Easily Allow Your Team to Track their Expenses in QuickBooks Online Recently, Intuit introduced the QuickBooks Expense Claims feature for QuickBooks Online (QBO) Advanced users. This is a great feature to enable employees to be responsible for their expenses. Using this feature from your smartphone allows receipts to be scanned and noted immediately…
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Accounnting and Bookkeeping

Financial Success: Accounting and Bookkeeping

Keeping track of business accounting and key financial indicators is important to the success of any business. We offer a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services for our clients. Let’s review how we might help to manage the daily tasks of delivering accurate financial information in a dependable and timely basis. Additionally, there can…
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